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Bartlett Bath & Kitchen Remodeling Company specializes in bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects. We are full
service; meaning all work (usually 95+%) will be done by us without bringing a lot of people into your home. We
provide professional services to most of San Luis Obispo County.
About Our Business


The main things that distinguish Bartlett Bath & Kitchen Remodeling Company from the many “CONSTRUCTION”
companies in the San Luis Obispo area are the following:

1)        WE ARE CLEAN. We keep it clean.  Each day the carpets and walking surfaces in your home are covered.  
Dust extraction equipment is used.  Dust recovery is used on most hand tools and sanders.  The work area is
walled off. Tools and supplies are put away or stored in an on site trailer at the end of the day.  Dust and trash is
kept to an absolute minimum. No smoking or radios on jobs.

WE ARE PET FRIENDLY.  We are mindful of indoor pets (especially cats). Doors are always kept closed and
pet hazards are kept to an absolute minimum.  Your pets will always be treated with respect and kindness.

WE STAY ON THE JOB.  We  do our jobs one at a time so when it’s your turn you will receive our undivided
attention. We will stay until your project is complete.  You will be given a START date and a COMPLETION date up

WE STICK TO THE BUDGET. Your project will be given a firm price (contract) with no surprises at the end.
Full scope of the job is defined and each item of the job will include a price range. In the event of a change or
upgrade any additional charges will be discussed with you (the customer) before it is implemented.

WE DON’T TAKE MONEY IN ADVANCE.  No down payment is required. Payment is usually 50% at the half
way point and 50% at completion. A small bathroom is 100% at completion.

WE ARE FLEXIBLE. Every job includes changes and that is just part of a healthy project.  Some aspects of a
project just can’t be visualized until the work is underway.  Changes are OK.

WE ARE NOT THE CHEAPEST.  We offer upper mid-range value.  We offer a higher than normal level of
service and attention to detail, as a consequence we cost a little more.

8)        STEVE BARTLETT, the Owner, either does the work or personally supervises all work done. Steve is
accessible 7 days a week and is at the job daily.  Steve is a Cal Poly alumni and has been involved in home
improvement for decades.

These eight items are the ethics of Bartlett Bath & Kitchen Remodeling Company.  We have many satisfied clients
here locally that can be contacted to discuss our work.


The typical bathroom remodel generally costs between $9,000 and $12,000 - average being about $10,000.  This
would be for a full tear out and replacement (not moving the floor plan).


  •        New tub (cast) or shower pan
  •        Tile or solid surface walls
  •        Tile floor
  •        New faucets (tub and vanity)
  •        Frameless shower door
  •        New vanity and top/sink
  •        Lighting
  •        Toilet
  •        Drywall work

Amenities can be added such as custom tubs, upgraded faucets, deco tiles, and glass blocks. With minor layout
changes and upgrades, the remodel can be in the $13,000 - $20,000 range.  Costs are much less than this for
partial remodels or remodels using fiberglass tub/shower enclosures.

Most total bathroom remodels take from 2-3 weeks.  You have to plan to be without the bathroom for this amount
of time.

Aging in place upgrades also available for long term consideration or to immediately accommodate special
needs clients:

  •        Safety bars
  •        Handicap showers
  •        Special needs and custom showers
  •        Comfort height toilets
  •        Comfort height vanities
  •        Wheel chair sinks
  •        Whirlpool baths
  •        Extra long soaking tubs
  •        Room configuration changes
  •        Enlarging door openings
  •        Pocket doors


You can do a kitchen “facelift” in the $8,000 - 12,000 range.  This would include new counter tops, sink and
refinishing the cabinets (w/ new doors).  Facelifts work out quite nicely when the cabinet bodies are in good shape
and you are OK with the configuration of the kitchen.   The typical kitchen remodel costs between $20,000 and
$35,000 - average being about $30,000.  

This would include:

  •        Full tear out- counters, cabinets, back splash, flooring, sink area.
  •        New cabinets (mid grade, not a lot of extras like pull outs)
  •        Dishwasher and stove.
  •        Granite counter w/ undermount sink
  •        Cast sink/disposal and faucet
  •        Tile backsplash w/ deco tiles
  •        Lighting
  •        Tile flooring

Each kitchen is unique and costs can vary considerably. The most expensive items will be the cabinets and granite
counter.  The most painful aspect of a kitchen remodel is the fact that it is the heart of the home and it gets shut
down for 5-8 weeks.  It’s best to order the cabinets first (they take 3-6 weeks) and wait until they arrive to start
the project.  It’s also best to have the appliances on site when the work starts so the hook ups (water, gas,
electric) can be installed in the correct positions. The granite slabs usually hold up the project at the end.  The
granite fabricator can’t measure for the granite cuts (template) until all of the cabinets are in place. This means
there is a 2-3 week wait for the granite slabs after the cabinets are installed.  You need to know this going into the
project. Its tough, but the end result is well worth it.
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